Symphony Wakoku "Man'yo"

Symphony Wakoku 2nd mov "Genji"

Symphony Wakoku 3rd mov "Rikyu"

Symphony Wakoku 4th mov "Shinpu"

来しわれそ 紅に
萌え出づる春 野をなつかしみ
立山(たちやま)の 川の渡瀬(わたりぜ)
鳴く声聞けば 時すぎにけり
屋前の石竹(やどのなでしこ) 咲き
何そ この児の ここだ愛(かな)しき

夕されば 吹くごとに
なびく秋風 萩の花散る
霰降り 凍り渡れる
古りにし里に 落(ふ)らまくは後
いひし言葉(けとば)ぜ 忘れかね
桜桜を ま清(さや)かに見む

The nostalgic in the spring field that sprout in red 
Shallows of the river over the mountain 
To go only when it is if I hear the song of the field 
Pink bloom of inn 
Why's beloved here of this child 
Each time you blow it shall receive evening 
The fall of the autumn wind flower bush clover fluttering 
Hail is possible to across frozen down 
It's fall in the village that was old after 
I can not forget the words you said 
She would be seen clearly Sakurasakura